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Asian Bioplex is natural products distributor and brand developer that provides the global market through the development of quality products utilizing local and overseas natural resource. Today, Asian Bioplex website database consists of various Food and Cosmetic ingredients which has been certified in accordance with the referential ISO 9001, GMP, HALAL and HACCP by an external Certification Organism.

Asian Bioplex distributes high quality products and services to more than 10 countries around the world.
In order to provides customer a fast and easy way. The company also notably features one of the most preferred online shopping, servicing everyone from home shoppers to some of the most trusted Manufacturers in the world.


As consumer demands for quality charge in the more health-conscious society of today. Asian Bioplex are proud to offer our high qualtity natural ingredients. It is our core business in this area serves the natural products. The various types of plants and herbs have been proved their benefits with scientific researches. Not only natural region origin, we also have ingredients from the source country to support growing demand.

For our brand development service, It is our aim to contribute the value creation and efficiency of our customers’ regional or global supply by provides business to business distribution solutions with small business to large enterprise and beyond. With our minimum order quantity, it is getting easier to start a business. With our supply chain consistency, it’s excellent building long term business for large enterprise customer.

Our Products

Natural Extracts for Food Supplements : AsianBioplex distributes wide range of Food ingredients from spray drying process for dietary supplement industry. The sources plants are various botanical families such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and trees. Our goals are finding the secret of natural benefits along with safely uses and provide reliable supply.
Natural Extract for Cosmetic Ingredients : AsianBioplex distributes wide range of Cosmetic active ingredients from solvent extraction process for cosmetic industry. Our extracts can also be used in household products such as cleaning and anti-microbial that design for easy using that mix well with other liquids.
Natural Oils and Natural Fragrance : AsianBioplex distributes wide range of natural oils for fragrance, cosmetic and food industry. The oils came from many source locations around the world with many plant species to provide the best suitable scents for our customers.

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