Terms & Conditions

  1. We accept ordering via Website, E-mail, LINE, Facebook and Phone. Strongly recommend to avoid phone ordering due to miscommunication risk. However, we also welcome to receive phone ordering in any cases as we will try to messaging confirm via another communication channels, to prevent wrong ordering.
  2. Out of stock and make to order, we will confirm prior to payment request.
  3. Open Mon-Fri, 9AM to 5PM (Delivery on Mon-Fri). And on Sat, 10AM to 2PM. (Contact via LINE App Chat Support only).
  1. Payment must be completed before delivery.
  2. We accept T/T (All currencies), Paypal (All currencies) and Creditcard (Only THB).
  3. Paypal processing fee 4.71% and Creditcard processing fee 3.09%.

Bank name: Kasikorn Bank PCL
Account name: AP Operations Co., Ltd.
Account number: 002-3-92578-8

  1. Prices included VAT 7%
  2. Price may be changed by seasonal, we will notify prior 1 month via website on last day of a month.
  3. For international ordering, if require VAT exemption, please request a new quotation from sales.
  4. For traveller/tourist, if require VAT refund at airport, please provide passport and flight-booking then request a certificate from sales.
  5. For importer, if require tax privilege, please ask sales for checking which products available for making a certificate of origin, also with processing fee.
  1. Cancellation or changing products must be notified within 24 hrs after payment complete, and the goods must be still in our site. Otherwise, customer will be charged for shipping cost both new ones and returns.
  2. Awaiting payment status can be held only 7 days.
  1. Shipping process perform from Mon-Fri.
  2. Tracking number will be updated by next morning.
  3. Shipping cost is calculated from shipping-service, address and weight. Free domestic shipping for ordering over 3,000 THB but below 4 KG, otherwise regular shipping price.
  4. Domestic shipping is serviced by ThailandPost and Kerry. However, customer can request other shipping companies to handle the goods, just notify this to our sales prior to ordering placement.
  5. For the product is in stock, customers will receive within 3-5 days. For registered mail, customer will receive within 7-10 days.
  6. For international shipping, we can arrange both ThailandPost and other forwarders as per customer require. We support wide range of shipping both air and sea freight, with consulting and reasonable rate.
  1. Discrepancies (Details in Appendix) must be notified within 7 days for physical defects and 30 days for chemical defects after receiving the goods, by providing order-numbers, batch-numbers, pictures and return defect samples. Investigation takes at least 3 days or more after receiving all necessary information.
  2. After investigation, if found our processes are the causes, we are willing to refund/replace without additional charges. Customer must send the goods back to us by registered mail or EMS, then provide a copy of shipping bill to let us refund for shipping cost.
  3. During investigation, if customer urgently require a replacement, must pay it first. We can refund later if investigation found that our processes are the causes.
  4. For international returns, weight below 2 kg, we can refund not over the value of small-packet SAL mail. Excess cost from other shipping methods must be handled by customer. For weight over 2 kg, refund not over the value of SAL mail.
  5. Returned goods must be in the same volume as normally, or very small used. Otherwise we can not do full refund.
  6. Customers who are trying to fake the claims, we will ban and prosecute.
  • Appendix : Defect Types
  • [Physical] Wrong products
  • [Physical] Damaged packaging. But not cover from shipping causes, this case customer can claim insurance from shipping companies.
  • [Physical] Unwanted objects mixed in product.
  • [Physical] For essential oils odor, due to they are natural extract, odor can be changed by seasons. We have tried to control it within specification. Strongly recommend to notify us if you reorder the oils, then we can check batch number in your last shipment, to ensure the smell is the same. If not the same,  we will notify customer and offer sample testing. Then customer can decide to order it or not. We will not accept claim after customer has decided.
  • [Chemical] Chemical properties and compositions are out of spec from our product datasheet.


1. Customer must check FDA regulation about using the materials before ordering.

2. Documents and informations for registration, primarily attached as digital files.

Cosmetic products

  • Our Product specification datasheet

Food supplement products

  • Our product specification datasheet and Food manufacturing authorization.
  • Due to we are a distributor for factory partners, documents for FDA will be an original format from factory.
  • For food manufacturing authorization, to prevent fraud use our document, strongly recommend customer to ensure our goods is good stability for finished products. Then place orders with providing marketing plan to us to consider giving the authorization document.

3. Customer who register FDA with our documents but not purchase at quantity it should be. It is illegal that will be prosecuted. We AP Operations Co., Ltd. will also prosecute for business losses case.


Expire date is calculated from good shelf-life conditions. Products may degrade depending on exposure time and environments. Please follow the storage instruction in Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS). For long time storage, with strictly specification uses, recommend to do laboratory tests prior to real uses.


Customer must study related documents included with Specification Datasheet and Material Safety Datasheet for best effective and safety uses.

Any provided information is from specific research and uses. Customers who need to change/apply uses, please ask experts and check regulation about using first.

If injury/accident occur from wrongly uses, anythings out from MSDS, we can not responsible for any losses.