Thanaka : The truly secret of whitening agent from Myanmar

Thanaka has been used as skin care for over 2,000 years, mainly for natural whitening cosmetic beauty, as well as curing skin blemishes, freckles and dark spots.
Thanaka / ทานาคา

Top 3 Marvellous effect

1.Its natural skin intensive whitening ingredient. Enriched skin brightener.

2.Contains powerful antioxidants to slow the process of aging.

3.Great cosmetic ingredients for boost collagen an elastin in the skin.

Basically, it has the core benefits of Thanaka processed into lotion using emulsification with added extracts. Anyway the extract liquid able to apply in a variety of ways ranging cosmetic formula such as a natural light coating, a light essence, a thick mask, soap, lotion, scrub,…etc.

Thanaka liquid has the properties of making the brighter skin, cool and smooth, having a refreshing and chilled fragrance. It also cures pimples and acne.

Woman with thanaka

It is made from the bark of a tree that has numerous uses. It was found to be a good scavenger of free radicals. This antioxidant activity was used as a proxy for anti-aging capacity.

Thanaka contains 3 active ingredients coumarin, marmesin and arbutin. Coumarin accounts for anti-bacterial, anti fungal, phytochemical, anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. And also exactly what you smell the thanaka extract. Traditionally, burmese women apply it to the skin, forming a powdery protective covering. Especially those who work in paddy fields or toil outside for long periods of time will use it as a protective shield from ultraviolet rays of the sun and keep skin glowing & brightening on their exposed faces and arms, It also effectively prevent dehydration around their bodies. Moreover, the arbutin in thanaka was found to have anti-tyrosinase activity. Another study showed coumarin increases collagen and elastin production in the skin, retarding the cutaneous aging process as well. So powerful !


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