Licorice Extract : Powder

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  • Part: Root
  • Color : Yellow to pale brown powder
  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
  • Place of Origin: Thailand
  • Grade: Food supplement, Beverage
  • Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Active ingredient: Glycyrrhizinic acid
  • Shelf-Life : 36 months from manufacturing date
SIZE: Clear
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Licorice Extract Powder applications for Functional Foods, Functional Beverages and Dietary Supplements. The products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with the quality standards of ISO/GMP/HACPP/HALAL. Rich Natural Source of Anti-inflammatory, Relieve the cough and sore throat Substances and etc.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, Extraction with DI water and make high quality granules of all materials by Spray Drying of powders process without chemical substances. Products are produced in a manner that meets applicable THAI FDA safety standards.

Subject Description
Appearance Yellow to pale brown powder
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.20-0.50
% Moisture < 10%
Tested Active Ingredients Glycyrrhizinic acid > 500.0 mg%
Extraction Type Solvent Extraction
Extract Ratio 5:1
Extract Solvent Deionized Water
Use / Dosage >Click here for more details on FDA.
Applications Food supplement, Beverage, Herbal drinks
Special properties
Beneficial for skin
Beneficial for inflammatory disorders
Anti-proliferative activity
Anti-nausea agent
Increase immune function
Reduced blood glucose
​Pain relief
Natural remedies for heartburn and acid reflux
Help alleviate symptoms of several respiratory illnesses
Relieve the cough and sore throat, reduce sputum
Asthma treatment
Natural remedy for peptic ulcer
Lower estrogen levels while raising progesterone levels
Treating PMS symptoms such as irritability, bloating and breast tenderness
Skin treatments
Anti-tyrosinase activity
Increase lightness of the skin in healthy
Treatment of skin ailments such as eczema, persistent skin redness, inflammation, sunburn and psoriasis
Others Name Sweet root
Storage Keep closed, Dry, Dark and Cool place
Shelf-Life 36 months after manufacturing date
Quality Assurance Guarantee specification
Safety Specification Under FDA standard of Heavy metals, Microorganism and Pesticides controlling
Product note This product is food ingredient, not instant food
Caution notice N/A


Licorice has been used for thousands of years medicinally. The medicinal parts of the plant are the unpeeled dried roots and runners, and the rhizome (underground stem). Licorice root is so complex that researchers have isolated 134 different compounds in the glabra variety. But there are at least four main types of compounds found in licorice root: flavonoids, coumarins, triterpenoids and stilbenoids. The group of triterpene saponins have plenty of about 4-24% which are Glycyrrhizinic acid and 24-hydroxyglyrrhizin. It also contains of flanoids and isoflanoids which are saponaretin, vitexin, glabranin, glabrene, liquiritin and glabridin

The compound glycyrrhizin in root of Licorice gives its sweetness, is 50-100 times sweeter than sugar. It benefits a sore throat or cough immensely as an effective expectorant, helping to loosen and expel mucus. The anti-inflammatory properties can bring fast relief for sore throat. An extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra was found to be effective against functional dyspepsia, which includes not only heartburn but also a natural remedy for nausea, indigestion and stomach pain.

Mechanism of action for licorice extract powder

Remedies for h​eartburn and acid reflux : Carbenoxolone is a hemisuccinate derivative of glycyrrhetinic acid which found in root of licorice. Carbenoxolone has medicinal properties, good for remedies of h​eartburn, acid reflux and mouth ulcer. It was originally developed as an antiulcer drug.

Fast relief for sore throat and cough :  ­Licorice is also used to relieve symptoms of the common cold and is a key ingredient in many over-the-counter cough syrups and lozenges. Since it contains of glycyrrhizin.

Keep skin freckles and brown spots free :Glabridin is the main ingredient in licorice extract affecting on skins.  Glabridin inhibits tyrosinase activity which help to reduce freckles and brown spots on the skin. Glabridin is a unique compound possessing more than one function. It not only the inhibition of melanogenesis but also the inhibition of inflammation in the skins.

Product Safety and Warranty Information

  • Product has passed quality and safety assurance tests under THAI FDA standards for all microbial and heavy metals testing.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, Extraction with DI water without chemical substances.
  • Product Warranty coverage are the specifications data sheet.

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