Black Galingale Extract Powder (Black Ginger)

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  • Form : Powder
  • Part used : Rhizome
  • Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction
  • Origin : Thailand
  • Grade : Food
  • Botanical Name : Kaempferia parviflora
  • Active Ingredients : Pinostrobin, 5, 7-Dimethoxy flavanone
  • Shelf-Life : 36 months from manufacturing date
SIZE : Clear
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Black Galingale extract powder (Black Ginger) by Deionized-Water Extraction and Spray-Drying process, under certificates of ISO / GMP / HACPP / HALAL, for use as raw materials for food supplements. Rich in natural properties such as an antioxidant, helps to nourish the circulatory system, helps to balance body functions.

Subject Description
Appearance Light purple to pale brown powder
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.30-0.60
% Moisture < 10%
Tested Active Ingredients Flavonoids > 1.50 %
Extraction Type Solvent Extraction
Extract Ratio 10:1
Extract Solvent Deionized Water
Solubility Water Soluble
Use / Dosage >คลิกเพื่อดูข้อมูล อย. (FDA)
Applications Food supplement, Beverage
Special properties Enhanced sexual erotic stimulation
Anti-oxidant – ต้านอนุมูลอิสระ
Anti-aging – ชะลอวัย
Anti-inflammatory – ต้านการอักเสบ
Anti-microbial – ต้านเชื้อโรค
Anti-allergic – ลดอาการภูมิแพ้
Improving and stimulating of blood circulation – ช่วยบำรุงและกระตุ้นระบบไหลเวียนเลือดให้ดีขึ้น เสริมความแข็งแรงของหลอดเลือด
Improve sexual performance – ช่วยเพิ่มสมรรถภาพทางเพศ
Aphrodisiac activity – ช่วยกระตุ้นความต้องการทางเพศ
Boost energy level – เพิ่มพลังงานให้ร่างกาย เพิ่มความอึด ลดความเมื่อยล้า
Treatment of digestive disorders – ช่วยย่อยอาหาร, รักษาสมดุลของระบบย่อยอาหาร
Detoxification agents – มีคุณสมบัติขับพิษ
Others name Gra-Chai-Dam
Storage Keep closed, Dry, Dark and Cool place
Shelf-Life 36 months after manufacturing date
Quality Assurance Guarantee specification
Safety Specification Under FDA standard of Heavy metals, Microorganism and Pesticides controlling
Product note This product is food ingredient, not instant food
Caution notice Do not use in liver disease patients

Black Galingale Extract Powder (Black Ginger)

Black galingale extract is produced from the species of Kaempferia parviflora which has a dark purple fine powder. It has many chemical and pharmaceutical properties, consisting of important substances such as essential oils, flavonoids such as 5,7-dimethoxyflavone, 5,7,4′-trimethoxyflavone, 5,7,3 ‘, 4’-tetramethoxyflavone and 3,5, 7,3 ‘, 4’-pentamethoxyflavone Anthocyanin group (antho-cyanins) and other phenolic compounds

Black Galingale Extract Powder
Black Galingale Extract Powder

Mechanism of Action for Black Galingale Extract Powder

  • Anti-Inflammatory : The methoxy flavones has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is an anti-inflammatory mechanism that works through the enzyme Cyclooxygenase-2. Helps to reduce inflammation of the stomach ulcer.
  • Increase sexual performance : Flavonoids in Black galingale extract have an effect on sexual performance by affecting sexual behavior by inhibiting enzyme activity phosphodiesterase, causes the smooth muscles of the penis to relax and expand. Resulting in erectile dysfunction, increase blood circulation, blood therefore flows into the genitals well.
  • Improve Blood Circulation : From the results of experiments in men and women between the ages of 25-50 years, found that when consuming extracts of black galingale which has important substances 5,7-dimethoxyflavone up to 2.5% and total flavonoids up to 10% in the amount of 150mg / day continuously for 1 week, found that it can help to stimulate the blood flow effectively. And also helps to lower blood pressure, adjust and control the pressure to an appropriate level
  • Improve Blood Vessel : Black galingale can help to promote the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and endothelial cells. Which is a free gas particle that can be dissolved in water. It has the property to make the blood vessels expand. Endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF) is very important in the prevention of ischemic stroke. Helps the capillaries and nerves, endothelial cells and work in a balanced state
  • Reduce allergy symptoms : Black galingale extract has anti-allergic effect by inhibiting the occurrence of mast cells degranulation. Resulting in prevention and reduction of allergy

Active Ingredients


 5, 7-Dimethoxy flavanone

Product Safety and Warranty Information

  • Product has passed quality and safety assurance tests under THAI FDA standards for all microbial and heavy metals testing.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, Extraction with DI water without chemical substances.
  •  Product Warranty is covered by the specifications data sheet. Please click here for more information

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