Lavandin Essential Oil

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  • Part: Flower
  • Extraction Type: Steam Distillation
  • Place of Origin: France
  • Grade: Cosmetic
  • Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia x Latifolia
  • Active ingredient: Linalyl Acetate, Linalool, Camphor
  • Shelf-Life : 24 months from manufacturing date
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Lavandin Essential Oil

Lavandin Essential Oil is natural 100% essential oil. It smells very similar to lavender. But more strong with the slightly different smell. Its constituents and pleasant floral scent.  It is valuable natural components used as raw materials in many products, spas, cosmetics, perfumes, treatments, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and in the field of nutrition. It helps promote positive effects on mood and combat stress. The products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with the quality standards.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, Extraction and make high quality oils of all materials by steam distillation process without chemical substances, Nothing Added, Non Synthetic Fragrances and Naturally ingredients.

Subject Description
Appearance Clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid
Odour Characteristic
Specific Gravity 0.8700 to 1.1010 @ 20°C
Refractive Index 1.4400 to 1.4900 @ 20°C
Optical Rotation -9.0° to -2.0° @ 20°C
Active ingredients
alpha-pinene 1.83%
beta-pinene 1.57%
para-Cymene 1.33%
Eucalyptol 11.00%
Linalool 28.62%
Camphor 9.88%
Isoborneol 2.53%
Borneol 3.86%
alpha-Terpineol 3.31%
Linalyl acetate 20.08%
alpha-Terpinyl acetate 2.31%
Neryl acetate 2.04%
(E)-Caryophyllene 1.96%
Applications Cosmetic products
Storage Stored at temperature 30°C in closed containers and protected from direct sunlight.
Shelf-Life 24 months after manufacturing date
Quality Assurance Guarantee specification
Safety notice Need to allergen test on skin before use
Product note This product is cosmetic ingredient, not cosmetic product
Caution notice N/A

Lavandin Essential Oil

Lavandin essential oil is extracted using steam distillation of the flowers, lavandula hybrida (Lavandula Hortensis). It is a hybrid plant developed by crossing true lavender (L. angustifolia) with spike lavender or aspic (L. latifolia). That is why lavandin is scientifically known as lavandula hybrida and lavandula hortensis. The aroma and medicinal properties of lavandin are quite similar to those of Lavender, but they are more intense and sharp, since it is a hybrid. And it is now commercially produced to use in perfume industry. Many scent, shampoo and soap manufacturers are using this lavandin essential oil to add wonderful aroma to their products. Lavandin essential oil has a rejuvenating and calming aroma which acts as an admirable antidepressant oil. It have anxiolytic effects that aid in improving the quality of sleep and save you from insomnia and nightmares.

Relative Compositions

Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Camphor, Cineole, Lavandulol, Terpinene, Caryophyllene, Camphene, Dipentene, Limonene, Ocimene


“Aid in improving the quality of sleep”

Sprinkle a few drops of lavandin essential oil on a pillow. Or use a few drops mix with water and sprays a fine mist of water and essential oil into the air as you sleep. It has a soothing reputation as a natural alternative to help for slowing heartbeat and relaxing. That’s a positive precursor to sleeping better.

Reduces pain and inflammation

Lavandin essential oil can help relieve headaches and migraines that are triggered by stress. Dab a drop or two of lavandin essential oil  onto a handkerchief or tissue and inhale as required. It can be a safe and effective treatment to manage migraine headaches. Lavandin essential oil also has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties for muscles. Blend 3 to 4 drops of lavandin essential oil in 2 ml of jojoba oil, gently massage on to the area to reduce pain.

“Good remedies for respiratory conditions”

Lavandin oil has wonderful antiseptic qualities which is extremely beneficial for dealing with respiratory system related problems. It aids in treating cough, cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, chest congestion and other breathing problems.

“Uplift your spirit together with combating negative thoughts

Lavandin oil boosts self esteem, confidence, hope, and mental strength, while efficiently fighting depression. This can be very helpful to drive away depression for those who are suffering from depression due to a failure in their career or personal relationships, insecurity, loneliness, stagnation, someone’s death, or for any other reason. This also relieves anxiety. As an antidepressant, it can be systematically administered to patients of acute depression who are undergoing rehabilitation.


Product Safety and Warranty Information

  • The product is manufactured through a certified process by leading organizations and has certification for industry standards that can be referenced.
  • It has undergone food safety testing based on standards such as microbe and heavy metal testing, as well as contamination screening.
  • The product is a raw material for industrial use, not a finished product. Users must have the knowledge and appropriate tools for using the raw material.
  • The product is warranted according to the specifications, please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

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