Emblic Extract Liquid

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  • Part: Fruit
  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
  • Place of Origin: Thailand
  • Grade: Cosmetic
  • Botanical name: Phyllanthus emblica
  • Active ingredient: Gallic acid, Hydrolyzable tannins
  • Shelf-Life : 24 months from manufacturing date
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Emblic Extract Liquid

Emblic Extract Liquid, cosmetic grade. For use as raw materials for cosmetic products to act as active ingredient. It helps inhibiting free radicals, anti-inflammatory, stimulate the production of collagen and AHA that helps exfoliate to reveal more radiant skin. Emblic Extract is made from Phyllanthus emblica  s specie with a standardized Solvent extraction process, with certificates GMP/ISO /HACCP. The product is easy to use and can be mixed with all types of cosmetics.

Description of Active ingredients in Emblic Extract Liquid

Emblic is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium, chromium, vitamins A and B-complex to help boost immunity and slow down wrinkles. Especially vitamin C in emblic, which is 20 times more than squeezed orange juice. There are also natural substances such as polyphenolic gallic acid, corilagin, chubulagic acid, elaeocarpusin and putranjivain A.

Emblic Fruit

Emblic extract has a high amount of total phenolic with antioxidant efficiency which has an effect to inhibit free radicals up to 80%, including substances of tannin, saponin, phenolic and carbohydrates can effectively nourishes the skin and anti wrinkle

Active Ingredients

    Hydrolyzable tannins            
    Corilagin; R1=R2=H
    Chebulagic acid; R1, R2=chebuloyl
    Elaeocarpusin ; R1, R2=ela
    Putranjivain A; R1, R2=put

    Gallic acid

Benefits and Applications

  • Natural AHA helps shed old skin cells. Revealing new radiant skin cells
  • Anti-microbial : If use for body cleansing products, it can help to eliminate bacteria and helping the skin clean and fresh.
  • Skin Whitening : It can Inhibits the activity of the enzyme Tyrosinase, which is a pigment in the skin. Therefore helps to reduce the occurrence of dull skin and helps to brighten skin
  • Anti-Aging : Tannins and polyphenols have good antioxidant activity and has various pharmacological effects, such as reduce skin degeneration and stimulate the creation of collagen. Helps reduce wrinkles to be firmer and younger skin.
  • Anti-Oxidant : If use for skin care cosmetics products, it can help to reduce the destruction of skin cells from free radicals or from pollution. It also helps to slow down aging. And protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Using Guide : 1% – 5% mix with cosmetic products. Test effectiveness starts right at the beginning of small amount and
    increase dose adjustments to reach maximum effectiveness. Allergic test also is required.

Product Safety and Warranty Information

  • Product has passed quality and safety assurance tests under THAI FDA standards for all microbial and heavy metals testing.
  • Product has a quality guarantee according to specification datasheet, any discrepancies can be reported followed by our quality policy in this QUALITY ASSURANCE

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